ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester Contemporary Art Center is installing their 6×6 installation for the 15th year. It’s RoCo’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It features around 5,000 pieces — done by about 2,000 artists — all on six inch by six inch squares. They have submission from across 40 countries.

The art work is placed in the order that they received the pieces. Bleu Cease, executive director of RoCo, said that almost half came on the last day.

“So there’s nothing like a deadline to stimulate the art community to come out,” he said with a smile. “Very well known artists enter artworks in the show, children, hobbyists, usually local celebrities, and community leaders. And people we really know nothing about from all around the world send us an artwork for this show.”

Art appreciators — and future purchasers — can preview the work at RoCo on East Ave starting May 31, and sales in the gallery and online start June 4. There is no theme for the art. The pieces range from LEGOs, to nude photos, to illustrations, to comic strips, and more.

All of the pieces sell for $20, the purchaser only finds out the artist after the purchase. But this year, there’s also a fundraiser within a fundraiser.

“The project is called ‘Square the Love,'” Cease said. “We’re highlighting all the artworks that came from the island of Puerto Rico, those will be sold to benefit a foundation on environmental and humanitarian issues on two small islands off the coast of Puerto Rico, Yieces and Calubre.”