ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) planetarium has brought two new exhibits to its (curved) walls: “Rochester’s Eyes in Space” and “Same Sky.”

The exhibits are available to view for free in the lobby before and after regularly scheduled shows.

“These new exhibitions help the RMSC continue to offer immersive experiences that bring science, culture, and nature to life in unique, memorable ways,” said Hillary Olson, President & CEO. “By presenting items from the RMSC collection and working with community partners who are experts in culture, science, technology, and history, we are able to tell more accurate and in-depth stories.”

Thanks to generous support from two organizations deeply involved with space-based exploration, L3Harris Technologies, and Optimax Systems Inc., the exhibits were made possible.

“Rochester’s Eyes in Space” looks at the city’s influence on space exploration, and shows off formerly classified technologies pioneered in the region.

L3Harris engineers from Rochester help develop NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

These technologies allow us to explore distant stars and planets, as well as better understand what’s happening here on earth, too.

Included in the exhibit is a series of interactive activities, including a commendable Mars Rover on a special mission.

“Same Sky” explores how people of all different cultures and backgrounds look up at the stars every night.

Developed with help from Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, this exhibit shares how Haudenosaunee, Diné, and Maya cultures understand celestial bodies.

Attendees will be able to see over 40 indigenous works of art spanning almost four centuries, highlighting both ancient and contemporary approaches to our sky.

The RMSC planetarium puts on shows for all ages. From a tour of the constellations currently visible in Rochester to a Led Zeppelin laser show, there’s something for everyone. Tickets are $4-$10.

Learn more about the two new exhibits and other exhibits in the RMSC on its website.