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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — OFC Creations will present “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” with performances at the Lyric Theatre this weekend, January 24-26.

Dixie Longate joined us in-studio Friday for News 8 at Noon.

“The show’s called ‘Dixie’s Tupperware Party’ and it’s a Tupperware party at heart,” Dixie explained with her southern accent. “It’s games and prizes and raffles. I get a bunch of people up from the audience to participate along with me the way that you would do at a Tupperware party. But it’s got a great message about empowerment and lifting yourself up and going out into the world and doing stuff better and bigger.”

Expect big laughs too!

Friday’s show will be Dixie’s first in Rochester after years of touring. “I started selling Tupperware 18 years ago as part of the condition of my parole,” Dixie joked. “And my parole officer, she’s like, you need a job in order to get your kids back. I’m like, stop, that’s gross, I don’t want to know ’em. But then they make you take ’em – like “THE LAW!” So I started selling Tupperware. I was doin’ it in people’s livin’ rooms. Doin’ real well. And I became one of the top sellers in the whole company. SHUT UP! It’s a true story! And in the end, a friend of mine said, hey, you do this real good, you should put this together as a show. It’ll be fun. And so I did.”

It started in New York City, ran off-Broadway and that sparked a tour. “They said, oh you’ll probably be on the road for a year, maybe two years,” Dixie recalled. “Ugh, it’s my twelfth year on the road!”

Of her Tupperware, Dixie said, “It’s not only it’s the best food storage crap on the planet, I mean, been around forever, it’s a great American brand. Everybody knows it. Everybody has a story about it. Everybody has the Memaw that wrote her name on the bottom and took it to, you know, the church bazaar social and everything. But there’s also, I think there’s a great message with it because it’s one of these things – I always call it ‘The Original Social Network.’ It’s when your mama used to go into a party with a bunch of her friends and they would get together and they would talk about things that were happening. They would talk a little about food storage, but the parties were a better way to get together with your community.”

Dixie added, “I think the world always needs a little lift, a little bit more smiles. My hope in my life is I can put a little bit more smiles into the world.”

Dixie punctuated her thought with a trademark snort!

Get your tickets at the Lyric Theatre Box Office, by calling (585) 667-0954, or online at the OFC Creations website.

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