ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Gatesinger Company, Ltd. will present Stephen Sondheim’s classic “Into the Woods” with performances May 13-22 in Pultneyville.

Gates Hall is the oldest continuously operational community theatre venue in the country.

Kasi Krenzer Marshall will play The Witch in “Into the Woods.” She discussed the excitement surrounding this show Friday during News 8 at Noon.

“This show started back before COVID,” Krenzer Marshall explained. “We were in rehearsal and just a few weeks away when the big shutdown happened and it got tabled. We’ve all been very hopeful and excited to bring it back to the stage and it’s finally here.”

Performing Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” is a thrill for the cast. “I think it’s probably one of the better-known shows of his and the songs stick in your head – that’s for sure,” said Krenzer Marshall. “Of course, we started before he passed and since that passing, we’re definitely feeling him with us and both praising him and cursing him perhaps at certain times. He was definitely a master at what he did and has provided us with a huge challenge.”

News 8 Editor and Videographer Alec Richardson is among the cast for “Into the Woods.” Richardson said audiences will have laugh-out-loud moments and times where they will fight back tears.

“Alec is a big part of some of those funny moments,” Krenzer Marshall noted. “He plays one of the princes and if you know the show they have some pretty great scenes and songs as well. So don’t let him fool you – he’s a great singer too. But it’s absolutely an emotional journey. It’s a story about the Grimms’ Fairy Tales and smashing all of those characters into one place as they go about their journeys and there are definitely ‘hilarities’ and calamities that happen while they are all in the woods.”

Krenzer Marshall described The Witch as an interesting character. “I have a big song in Act Two in particular where I talk about how everybody blames The Witch for everything bad that happens. But is it truly her fault? If you know the story without giving too much away there is an Act One version of The Witch and an Act Two version of The Witch and they are very different.”

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