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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Maxim Spa and Salon on Park Avenue in Rochester will host the seventh annual Porch PETicure fundraiser Wednesday through Saturday, August 11-14.

Co-Owners Toni Marie Allocco and Rachele Muscari discussed the fun fundraiser and their passion for helping animals Monday during News 8 at Noon.

“This is our annual fundraiser,” said Allocco. “It is to benefit Verona Street Animal Society and Rochester Animal Services. We always have our porch pedicures in the summer when the temperatures hit 70 and this one week we take all of the proceeds from our Porch PETicures – where you can bring your four-legged friend – you can get a pedicure and all of the proceeds go to benefit Verona Street Animal Society and Rochester Animal Services.”

Allocco and Muscari have a passion for pets and this fundraiser fuels that passion. “What touches my heart is that they’re all volunteers and they really take care of these animals and try to find them homes,” said Muscari. “They’ve found some that have been beaten or they’ve had some issues and they really get them back to health and then they just need to foster them out so we want their name to be known so that people know to go there and help out that shelter and adopt a dog or a cat, whatever they have there.”

Allocco added, “This event is such a change in the dynamics of our salon for that week. Our staff looks forward to it every year and they give 200 percent because at the end of the day when we write that check to Verona and Rochester Animal Services we know that we are helping to feed dogs, to get them any medical care that they may have come into the shelter with, and that we’re helping some of the volunteers who open their homes to these dogs until they find their forever family.”

The Co-Owners have set up the fundraiser to make sure everyone who wants to can participate. “For people who are not comfortable coming out to the salon environment, on our Facebook page we do have a direct link to donate right to Verona, tax-deductible,” noted Allocco. “We also have other ways. You can call the salon. We’re selling paw prints that people can put their names on or their pets’ names and they’re five dollars and that goes directly to Verona Street Animal Society. With COVD last year, we had to make some adjustments to make this event as successful as in years past. We implemented both of those things and they were very well received so they can come in for the service, they can stop by with their pet and get the grooming services without getting a pedicure with any donation directly to Verona. We have a jar or the online or they can call and do it over the phone and grab one of those paws.”

Call (585) 256-0838 to make your appointment for your PETicure or go online for more information at maximspaandsalon.com.

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