ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Out of Pocket, Inc. will present “Placebo” with performances May 13-21 at Rochester’s Multi-use Community Cultural Center.

Stephanie Roosa with Out of Pocket is part of a cast that includes Jason Rugg, Danny Kincaid Kunz, and Joanne Brokaw. Roosa discussed the upcoming production Monday during News 8 at Noon.

“So ‘Placebo’ is about Louise who has pretty much reached a crossroads in her life with her education, her family, her sick mother, as well as a relationship she has been in for quite a while, and a job that she’s figured out where she needs to be with everything,” Roosa explained.

At the center of the story is a possible treatment for women. “We are actually looking at a Viagra for women,” explained Roosa. “So it’s between her, there is a patient, as well as another gentleman who works in another lab near her. We’re figuring out whether or not the patient is getting the actual drug or the placebo.”

Roosa said the unusual plot is timely amidst the pandemic. “I think many of us have had many different choices we’ve had to make these past couple of years of where we are in our lives and what we want to be doing. This show definitely highlights those types of options as well – what do we have to do to do what we want to do and what’s worth it and not worth it.”

“Placebo” is described as a thoughtful romantic comedy. Roosa said it gives the actors plenty of room to interpret the text. “The way this playwright writes – there’s no punctuation in it. So it’s even one of those where we’re trying to figure out what exactly are our characters saying and how they mean that to each other.”

This show will mark the conclusion of the 14th season for Out of Pocket, Inc. As part of each production, Out of Pocket donates a portion of the proceeds to support local non-profit organizations. For “Placebo” proceeds will go to the Upstate New York Chapter of the ALS Association. For Roosa, this particular cause is personal. “I lost my brother to it almost a year ago to this month so it’s definitely a foundation that I hope to be supporting and the research they do.”

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