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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — OFC Creations Theatre Center will present “A Chorus Line” with performances July 30 through August 1.

Executive Director Eric Johnson discussed the show and a return to the arts Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“We’ve done a few shows since the restrictions have been lifted from the pandemic but we keep referring to this as our first real show just because the feel is so much back to normal,” Johnson said. “The musical ‘A Chorus Line’ is obviously a favorite and was written in a time when Broadway needed affordable shows to be able to keep bringing back actors and everything – obviously back in the day – and we’re kind of feeling the same way now, right? ‘A Chorus Line’ is a time where the arts are getting going again. It’s ‘What I Did For Love’ which is obviously one of the most popular songs and it’s kind of how we’re feeling right now. We gave up doing theatre for a year and a half and now the performing arts are back starting this weekend.”

Johnson believes the arts are coming back this summer. “We have shows almost every weekend between our summer camp programs and things that we did. We had dance recitals in June and other things here and there and every week we see it get a little bit closer back to normal – more people vaccinated who are taking off the masks, more seats that we’re able to fill now with New York State lifting the restrictions. So we’re feeling that. We feel safe together on stage. And there are a lot of people in ‘A Chorus Line.’ It’s a big dance show. It’s big production numbers. They are all on stage and they’re all feeling comfortable, and – knock on wood – no COVID-related issues.”

OFC Creations is working with the next generation of actors and actresses through its summer camps. “What’s really cool is that many of the performers who are in ‘A Chorus Line’ – who are all adult professional performers across the area and who are back for the summer – a lot of them are teaching our students and our campers this summer through our summer camp program,” said Johnson. “So they’re with us during the day – during the morning and afternoon running summer camps – and then they go into rehearsals for ‘A Chorus Line’ in the evening for them to perform. We run the largest theatre summer camp program in Upstate New York. We have roughly a thousand kids this summer who are acting, singing, and dancing, and putting on shows in just two weeks. Every two weeks there’s a new show and multiple shows overlapping. So it’s definitely an exciting time where the kids are getting to feel a sense of normalcy as well.”

To get your tickets for ‘A Chorus Line’ and for more information about OFC Creations, visit OFCCreations.com.

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