New York State Ballet returns to live performance with ‘The Firebird’

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The New York State Ballet will perform “The Firebird” before a live audience this Saturday and Sunday, October 2 and 3, at the OFC Creations Theatre at Winton Place.

The performance will also be available to stream beginning October 8.

Madison Cole, who is The Firebird, and Tayla Kelley, who is the Lead Princess, discussed the show and the return to live performance Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“It’s a really exciting story,” said Cole. “There’s something for everyone. There is the evil monster Kashchei and he is holding all of the princesses captive. Then there’s a prince that comes in and falls in love with Tayla here and he wants to save them. He comes across the Firebird in the forest when he’s hunting and we convince him not to kill us. In exchange, we give him the magical feather he can use to call us when he’s in any danger or in trouble. So he calls us in when he’s fighting Kashi and we swoop in and save the day.”

There is great anticipation for the moment the dancers hit the stage before a live audience. “I’m really excited,” said Kelley. “I feel like ‘The Firebird’ is pretty popular in Rochester. It’s exciting to be in front of a live audience finally. This isn’t a role that I would normally perform. I’m not usually the pretty princess so it’s exciting for me to be able to perform a new role while also being in front of an audience again.”

Cole added, “Similar to Tayla this is a role that I normally don’t get to do so it’s been a challenging but really exciting process.”

For audiences, the talents of the New York State Ballet company will be accentuated by the story. “I think the audience almost doesn’t know what to expect. When you think of ballet you think of ballet, but in this production there’s everything. There’s ballet. There’s contemporary with scary monsters. There’s almost a character for every single person. If you like pretty princesses – there are pretty princesses. If you like monsters – there are monsters and a magical Firebird. So I think everyone will be entertained no matter how old or young they are.”

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