ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As the delta surge of new COVID-19 cases continues, and more and more local businesses begin to require masks or vaccine verification for entry, it can be hard to decipher which places are requiring what.

But never fear, the internet is here.

A new interactive online map, Vaxxed.Fun, is a custom Google Maps feature that shows which businesses in Rochester require vaccines or masks:

The map, created by local resident Joshua Pietrzykowski, is continuously updated as local companies adopt new policies.

He was inspired by seeing businesses like Lux Lounge, and Radio Social that said they would check proof of vaccination at the door. He was further inspired to create the site to support them, especially following Radio Social denouncing the comparisons of checking vaccination status to Nazi Germany.

“I hadn’t been paying too much to all of this until a couple days ago,” he said. “My friends and I were wondering, ‘is there a list somewhere?'”

Since there wasn’t one, he made it. Pietrzykowski admits that he has very little web design experience, but he still wanted to contribute. Since the site was posted on the Rochester subreddit, he has been flooded with requests to add businesses, and now has a small team to help him input businesses.

If the business you’re seeking isn’t on the map, it’s a good idea to check that company’s website, social media accounts, or call them before you go to see if they require masks or vaccine for entry.

They have now added a tool in the site so you can more easily submit a restaurant or business.

“I’d like to that the people who care about businesses that actively look out for their employees, as well as their customers, are more likely to (go to) these places,” he said. “So hopefully this winds up being a net positive.”