ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — After a down year in 2020, adoptions are on the rise in the Rochester region.

Lauri McKnight, the Executive Director for Children Awaiting Parents or CAP, discussed the trend and the organization’s upcoming fundraiser Wednesday during News 8 at Noon.

“We’ve had some wonderful successes with adoptions in the past year,” McKnight said. “We are currently seeing two of our children out of the seven being adopted this month and we have several placements coming so our adoptions have increased greatly in the past year. We’re probably going to have upwards of 12 in the near future. I think the pandemic did make a very big impact on families when they saw the number of children that are in foster care waiting for forever families. It was slow during the year 2020. Suddenly families are stepping up and moving into a place where they want to add children to their families and they want to help those children who are waiting for their family.”

CAP will host “Home, Heart, and Harmony: From Foster to Forever” coming up on November 5 at Artisan Works in Rochester. The gala serves as the organization’s primary fundraiser.

“This is our largest fundraiser every November in the National Month of Adoption and we are looking forward to a wonderful event this year,” said McKnight. “When you first arrive after check-in you will have a Happy Hour to enjoy and mingle a little bit. And during that time there will be some Eastman music students who are going to be playing and we’re excited to have those students with us. Then we’ll move into some auctions, some silent auctions, and a menu that is going to be fantastic. It will be presented by Artisan Works caterers. Then we’ll have entertainment by ‘The Swooners.’ We’ll also have some speakers and some guests to talk about their experiences with Foster Care and adoption or Foster Care and aging out of the system.”

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WROC Channel 8 is also teaming up with Children Awaiting Parents for a television special entitled “From Foster to Forever.” See it on the air on Saturday, November 20 at 7:30 p.m.