ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The popular fundraiser “Listen To Your Mother” is returning to Rochester for a show this Saturday, May 7 at the Hochstein Performance Hall.

“Listen To Your Mother” Executive Director Erin Julian discussed what this year’s audience can expect Monday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“We are in our eighth season and our seventh show here in Rochester and it started because mothers needed more than brunch,” said Julian. “It actually started out in Wisconsin and is now a national phenomenon in multiple cities. We’re fortunate to have it here.”

Julian said the show will be in person and live-streamed as well. “We audition storytellers – almost 40 of them – back in February and March and we cast 12 of them to share their stories of motherhood. Now they’re not all moms because we all have a mom so you don’t need to be a mom to have those stories but we find these 12 storytellers, their stories sort of wove together in this beautiful way and they share them on stage at the Hochstein Performance Hall on May 7 at 7:30 p.m. for all to see.”

There will be no COVID-related stories in the show but certain other themes will emerge. “There certainly is and we are happy to not have any COVID stories since we’re all still living with it,” Julian said. “That will be for another time I’m sure. But we did find these generational stories that wove together including a woman who is now the caregiver for her parents or a woman who is reflecting on how her mom had dinner ready as the kids were leaving for school each morning and she now sometimes serves her children fast food for dinner. The truth is motherhood has changed and generationally we are changing with it and these stories shed a light on that for so many who can definitely relate.”

Performances of “Listen To Your Mother” in Rochester have donated over $40,000 to the Society for the Protection and Care of Children. “We are really proud to support the Society for the Protection and Care of Children,” noted Julian. “They are doing mom’s work here in our city taking care of families at their most vulnerable. Our non-profits need help and SPCC is no exception so we are thrilled to be able to donate to them again.”

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