ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — Joan Osborne, a singer/songwriter best known for her hit song “One of Us,” off her album “Relish,” is coming to Rochester Sept. 7. She’ll be bringing her talents to the Rochester JCC at the outdoor Canalside Stage.

The show starts at 7 p.m. with opener Roz Menachof, with Osborne and her trio playing after. Tickets can be found here.

She joined News 8 to talk over Zoom about the 30 years she’s spent playing in Rochester on tours, her newest music, and the show itself.

You’re a Kentucky girl, made the move to New York City in the 1980s. You were discovered there since then you have an attachment to the city, but also the state. You’ve been playing in Rochester for a while, about 30 years. What about Rochester makes it keep coming back?

The crowd and the people. Everybody is just so welcoming, and so down to earth. And I had some of my first important shows in Rochester. I had been playing some clubs up there, and we got hired to do an opening set for BB King. For me, that was such an amazing experience and one that I’ll always treasure. I do have a long history in Rochester and it’s really the people who are so warm and so welcoming,

Eight Grammy nominations to your name. And I think a lot of people might be really familiar with some of those. But I wanted to take some time to talk about your two latest releases, you had a 2020 release “Trouble and Strife,” and a 2022 one as well called “Radio Waves.” The floor is yours. Why don’t you talk to us about these two latest releases?

Yeah, well, the “Trouble and Strife” record is an album of all original material, and it was the first one for several years and did a lot of songwriting. (It’s) in response to just the turbulent times that we’re living in. So a lot of the songs are… I wouldn’t call them overtly political, but they are really responding to what’s happening in the world today. And, and the things that we’re trying to navigate.

And the record that came out this year, called “Radio Waves” is a compilation of radio performances from throughout my career, even from things back in the early 90s, all the way through recent stuff. Like many people, I was stuck at home during COVID. So I did a lot of cleaning. And I found these boxes and boxes of old tapes and old files of all these radio performances that I had done over the years. So I had the time to sit and really comb through them and listen.

(There were) hundreds and hundreds of songs, but we decided rather than just do this huge dump, we would winnow it down and curate it into just one album’s worth. So maybe we’ll have other records of that material come out later. But this is the one that came out this year. And it’s been getting a really, really good response from the fans. And from the press too.

We’ve talked about the past, we’ve talked about the present, let’s talk about the future, this show coming up. It’s with your regular trio. Why don’t you take us there? What can people expect? We’ve talked about some of your catalog. But in that catalog, what can people expect in the September show?

A lot of the stuff that we continue to get requests for is material from the “Relish” album, which came out in the mid-90s. And it’s the one that people are very familiar with.

We also like to dip into a blues record called “Bring it on Home,” which came out in 2012. And that also got nominated for a Grammy for Best Blues Album of the Year. So we like to do a song or two from that.

We’ll probably do some material from this “Radio Waves” compilation, so people can get a little taste of that and see if they’d like to take a copy home with them. And we’ll do some of the original material from the 2020 release “Trouble and Strife.”

These guys who I travel with are incredible musicians. Even though it’s a trio, they have rearranged the songs in a way that really brings them to life and creates this very, very full sound for these shows. The fans have always been really, really appreciative of that.