ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The federal government is giving Rochester and New York a $40 million grant to pay for early childhood care and education.

Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul and Congressman Joe Morelle announced the grant on Friday. The grant will pay for initiatives in Rochester and throughout the state. The goal is to promote healthy children and improve academic outcomes.

“I am redefining this as not your family’s problem anymore,” Hochul said. “It is our problem. It is society’s problem. It is the state of New York’s problem, and we’re going to help you figure this out. We have incredible people who are at the forefront of this fight, but we have to be able to help measure success. I want to make sure that we can drive down the cost of childcare.”

Moms in the audience were happy to hear that changes could be coming. “I’m a mom and I’m working so I need daycare for my child,” said Edna Colon. “I think it’s a blessing to have my child in a daycare where he’s being taken care of but also learning.” Colon’s son Jacob goes to Ibero.