‘Expedition: Dinosaur’ comes to Rochester Museum and Science Center

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Expedition: Dinosaur, the newest traveling exhibit to the Rochester Museum and Science Center, opened to the public today.

The exhibit is spread out over 8,000 square feet with 13 animatronic dinosaurs, ranging from a stegosaurus, triceratops to an Albertosaurus, to Pachycephalosaurus. Those dinos have skin, and they even have two feathered velociraptors.

Planning for the display started about three years ago, and it took five days to get the dinos inside and to arrange the exhibit. And you can even go inside one dinosaur; a hollow T-Rex. They just ask that if you have kids, to go through and out the back to make sure they can keep his teeth intact.

The aim for the exhibit is not onyl to entrance kids and adults with the moving dinosaurs, but to show that paleontology is a living and growing science, unlike its subjects.

“The most exciting thing is that people love dinosaurs and people want to come out to museums and explore and dinosaurs are a great way to engage people in learning whether they are 2 or 102,” said Hillary Olsen, the President and CEO of RMSC. “We’re doing both; getting people excited and teaching people through the process.”

The exhibit is open until the last day of April.

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