ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester in Webster will host “Disability Dream and Do Day” on Saturday, June 4 beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Doug Cornfield, the Director and organizer of “Disability Dream and Do Day” discussed the event Wednesday during News 8 at Noon.

“It’s multi-faceted actually,” said Cornfield. “I put on these sports camps. They’re with college teams and professional teams. In this case, we’re with the Miracle Field and basically, it’s an opportunity for folks with all sorts of situations. It’s open to intellectual challenges and physical challenges, and all ages so it’s very inclusive. They’ll have an opportunity to come and meet some incredible people, which we can talk about. But, we set up like a sports camp baseball practice – like a professional baseball practice and they’ll be going from station to station to station. It’s all sorts of equipment. We call it organized chaos – balls will be flying everywhere. But I can tell you it is organized. We’ve been doing this for several years. They’ll get to hit off tees. They’ll get to play a little game on a little small field. They’ll be doing target practice. They’ll be doing fielding practice and hitting practice. We just literally have all of these groups go around from station to station to station having a wonderful time with, in this case, high collegiate athletes right on the field.”

Cornfield said the presence of two special guests will elevate the experience at the Miracle Field.

“One of them is my business partner and now long-time friend – it’s hard to believe how fast 22 years can go by. But I found out about this man. He lives in Corning, just down the road from Rochester. Dave Clark lives now in Florida but he was a polio survivor and he’s never walked without the use of crutches. He had a deadly case of polio as an infant and he went on to not only play baseball, he had a 10-year career in Minor League Baseball pitching a knuckleball – for those baseball fans out there. It’s one of the most amazing stories. I call it the greatest mostly unknown sports story actually. Dave went on to coach, manage, own, and scout at every level of baseball including serving as an Olympic coach in 1996 and the Atlanta Braves in 2000. People will get to meet him and learn about his ‘Dream and Do’ attitude. One of his quotes is – there are two types of dreamers, there are dreamers that dream and there are dreamers that dream and do. The other guy is Dave Stevens. Dave was born with no legs. He played baseball and football. He was a two-time state champion wrestler in high school. Dave went on to work with ESPN for 20 years and he is a 7-time Emmy Award winner.”

Ron Kampff, President of the Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester, said “Disability Dream and Do Day” is a perfect addition to the year-round opportunities at the Miracle Field including Challenger Baseball.

“Our tag line is ‘No Boundaries, Only Possibilities’ and this camp will prove that and I’m just ecstatic that Dave and Dave – and Doug – are going to come put on this nice clinic,” Kampff said. “It’s not just about baseball. It’s about holding events like this and reaching out to the Greater Rochester area and providing these opportunities that sometimes don’t always exist for these great athletes.”

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