GENEVA, N.Y. (WROC) — The St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy is holding its big fundraiser — Dinner with the Arts — this Sunday, April 24.

Support Board member Chris Fanning discussed what’s on tap for this year’s event Wednesday during News 8 at Noon.

“St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy is located in Geneva, New York,” Fanning said. “It’s a hub for creativity for youth, adults, beginners, and experienced people who play instruments, sing in the choir, play piano, and want to learn dance. It really covers the whole creative realm for folks.”

Fanning said the Arts Academy fills a vital need in Geneva. “There is not an academy or resource like this outside of Rochester, Syracuse, or Buffalo. This is a place for hundreds of kids to come every year and experience the arts first-hand. The motto for the Academy is ‘Arts for All’ so scholarship and financial issues aren’t a problem when you’re applying for courses through the Academy. Really it’s about getting the arts into the hands and the minds of as many kids as possible.”

Sunday will mark the eleventh annual ‘Dinner with the Arts’ and this year it’s inside and outside.

“Last year we were all virtual,” noted Fanning. “This year we have this really cool in-person component where you come in and get a charcuterie box and a glass of wine or beverage. You will sit down and get to see a 15-20 minute showcase from our students. One of the seatings it’s ballet, the next seating it’s choir, the next seating it’s the strings section and piano. So you get a little entertainment and then when that is done you go into the Parish Hall, pick up your meal to go, go home and enjoy a four-course meal from the Beef & Brew.”

People can also support the fundraiser by bidding on over 70 silent auction items online.

For tickets, a link to the auction, and to learn more about the St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy visit