ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Climate Solutions Accelerator will present the Climate Solutions Summit on April 22-24.

Climate Solutions Accelerator Executive Director Abigail McHugh-Grifa discussed the organization’s mission and the agenda for the Summit Wednesday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is focused on catalyzing local efforts to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and address the effects of climate change here in the Genesee-Finger Lakes region,” said McHugh-Grifa. “That is what we do all day, every day and a lot of that really comes down to facilitating action around climate and getting everyone moving in the same direction toward shared goals.”

McHugh-Grifa said the Climate Solutions Summit will begin on April 22 which is Earth Day this year.

“It is a three-day event. Day one is for organizational leaders. Day two is a virtual online summit for the general public, and day three is for field trips and service projects around the region so people can get some hands-on experience with a variety of climate solutions. The overarching purpose of this event is to introduce the Regional Climate Action Strategy that a wide group of very smart people has been working to develop over the past year or so and we’re really excited to introduce that to the community and provide some guidance and clarity on what our region’s priorities can or should be both to reduce emissions but also to maximize the co-benefits of climate action for our community.”

McHugh-Grifa said there are four priorities when it comes to climate action in the Genesee-Finger Lakes region.

“Our buildings, our transportation system, agriculture, and our electricity grid in a nutshell – those are the big four areas of focus. Within those, of course, there are a lot of specifics and details that take some time to dig into and learn about. But when you think about – what do we currently power using fossil fuels, what are those energy needs that we have that currently are mostly reliant on fossil fuels – we need to switch those, either just reduce emissions or reduce the need for energy, or switch them to technologies that can run off of renewable electricity. There is a lot of detail that people would want to dig into there but those are the big four areas that we would be focused on.”

And, of course, the Climate Solutions Summit is a great opportunity to learn more. It’s all about building a thriving Genesee-Finger Lakes region.

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