ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Anomaly Genre Film Festival started in 2019, and volunteers still run it. The festival kicks off Thursday and runs through Sunday at The Little Theatre. Individual tickets and passes are available here.

Three of the organizers, Megan Murphy, Adam Lubitow, and Kristin Pelc-Pacheco came to News 8 to discuss the festival.

Megan, let’s start with you. What is the anomaly genre film festival? Can you talk to us about it? And its history too?

MM: Yeah. It’s a local festival. This will be our fourth year. And the biggest question, of course, is what genre? Genre is horror, sci fi fantasy action. And my favorite, the indescribable. And a lot of these are smaller, independent films that you might not get a chance to see in a theater any other way. And we want to bring them here to Rochester because we want to see them on the screen. And we figure you know, Rochester might want to as well.

So it’s a big leap from saying you want to see these two actually getting a festival started. How did this all start?

MM: I think that we were just talking about it for a couple years before like, “why don’t we have this festival?” Rochester is a film festival town. It’s a film town. But we didn’t have this particular type of type of festival. So it was like, “I guess we have to do it.” And we did.

Adam these are 13 programs 12 feature films 25 short films. How do you guys get these films? Where did these come from? And how do you decide to screen them?

AL: It’s a mix of some films get submitted to us because they are interested in being a part of the festival. Some either have played festivals around the world, our opening night film “Something in the Dirt” played at Sundance back in January. And it wasn’t going to get a release in Rochester. So we’re like this is an amazing movie. Let’s bring it here. So yeah, that’s our opening night film. And we’re super excited about that.

Cool. Are there any local talent or is it just people submitting from all over who want to be part of this?

AL: It’s a mix. We definitely have some local filmmakers. We’re showing a supernatural horror film called “The Harbinger” that was shot right in Binghamton. We also have short called “Freelance,” directed by Mike Urbino, who is also a Rochester native. So we definitely like to highlight local filmmakers from the area when we can.

Kristin, this is a labor of love between all of you guys putting this on running it. Big day is finally here. That first show is tonight how you guys feel?

KPP: We’re very excited. It’s a lot of hard work we all put in, but we’re excited to have everyone come down and watch everything at the little with us.

There’s so many great films here. What’s one you’ve got circled that you want to check out that you haven’t seen yet?

KPP: Yes, opening night, we have Friday the 13th part three and it’s in 3d on 35 millimeter. So very exciting.