ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Organizers of the “BrickUniverse LEGO Convention” claim its the first LEGO convention to come to Rochester, and it is certainly the largest.

A massive convention and series of displays will come to the Rochester Armory, April 23-24. Tickets are only $15, and can be found here.

At the convention, BrickUniverse will have displays from the world’s master LEGO artisans, a place to buy LEGO kits, a Star Wars Zone (one 2000s kid named Dan Gross will be salivating), an area featuring Rochester’s great local creators, and a meet and greet with some world-famous builders.

Greyson Beights, on the communications team of BrickUnivserse, says that Jonathan Lopes will be coming from San Diego, California, and Chicago-based LEGO artist Rocco Buttliere will making an appearance. These two artists have had their works displayed around the world.

“They’re at the top of the pyramid, these are like some of the top artists,” Beights said over a Zoom call, in front of his own LEGO workshop. “These artists are incredible, and to actually meet them in person, and see the work is one of the special parts of about this event. People you really am outside this event, there’s really not an opportunity to meet these artists, and a one on one kind of experience outside of the event.”

Beights also highlighted that while this is a convention of first for the Armory, BrickUniverse, and Rochester, this will not be the last, either.

“It’s actually our very first time in New York and a very first time in Rochester,” Beights said of BrickUniverse, which was founded in 2015 specifically to showcase the best and brightest bricklayers. “In every city we go to, and we’re excited to start building this community around the event. Our goal whenever we go to a city, is to establish an annual event that we can return to year after year.”

Beights says that even though these masters don’t glue together their work, this is a great event both for kids at heart, and actual young children.

“We’ve been part of a wedding week before with just a couple we had a first date. If any and all ages there is something I want to say there’s something for everyone to submit there really is. It’s not just for kids,” Beight said. “What I love about Lego is there’s so many different uses. Our event shows that you can teach science, technology.

“I love history,” he said. “So you teach history, architecture, art, all through Lego. And that’s, that’s one of the special things about this event.”

He also assures that every loose Lego piece will be immediately picked up by staff, so stiff shoes are not needed, and therefore no need to worry about stepping on a brick.

More on Lopes:

Professional LEGO artist Jonathan Lopes will be coming from San Diego, California to showcase over 30 of his select LEGO displays including an 8-foot high LEGO Model of New York City’s Woolworth Building. He will be in attendance all weekend and will be able to talk to attendees on his life as a professional LEGO artist and how they, too, can be LEGO master builders.

More on Buttliere:

Additionally, Chicago-based LEGO artist Rocco Buttliere will be bringing over 50 massive LEGO models of famous landmarks from around the world. See the largest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, the full Westminster Palace in London, and more famous landmarks all built from LEGO bricks! Both artists have had exhibitions around the world: London, Chicago, Dallas, Copenhagen, and New York.