Editor’s Note: Closed captioning is available on the video above.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In May, the RIJF announced a scheduling change: Wynonna Judd was out following the death of her mother, and Americana road warrior Drew Holcomb and his band, The Neighbors, were in.

Holcomb has been a staple at Americana and “country adjacent” festivals and gigs for over a decade. He and the Neighbors just released a new record called “Dragons.” The title track certainly shows his many influences: a cowboy growl, a Johnny Cash speak-singing, and a clear-toned Western spiritual chest voice, with tasteful instrumentals and pristine vocal harmonies. Holcomb says it both explores personal themes with pushing the band in new ways. The hard work paid off; he says its the most successful to date.

Ahead of his Saturday headlining show — free at Martin Luther King Jr. Park — Dan Gross caught up with Holcomb, right as he finished some father-son time. Watch above for his 1-on-1 interview. Closed captioning in available on the video.