Pittsford, N.Y. (WROC) — Several years ago, after spearheading the creation of an MLK proclamation in the Town of Pittsford, former Pittsford board member Kevin Beckford asked for something else.

He wanted to create a series of events and talks dedicated to exploring Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy and message.

“I find value in all the other celebrations of Martin Luther King, but in the grand scheme of addressing a problem, it has to be asymmetrical,” Beckford said. “There are multiple facets to it so I can celebrate Dr. King, but I can also hold myself accountable to say well if he were to show up today and say what are you doing Kevin besides telling everyone how proud you are my accomplishments and how much you wish I was still here, what are you doing? Because the prescription I left has yet to be filled and we’re all the pharmacists.”

This weekend, Beckford will wrap up another year of the series —called “MLK Living the Dream”— with a family fun gathering at the Pittsford library that includes music and a chance for kids to interact with Dr. King.

Reservations for the event are encouraged and you can make those here.