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Lithgow filming wrapping up

Filming for Tomorrow Man has taken the crew around town

BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - John Lithgow was first spotted at the Big M in Gates in late August.

Folks who entered to pick up their bread and milk noticed the movie star in the checkout line.

He was shooting a movie with Blythe Danner.

4 weeks later the filming, which took place exclusively in our area, is about to end.

The movie is called Tomorrow Man and Production Manager Eric Hollenbeck says it’s a twist on a love story.

“You can’t categorize it,” Hollenbeck says.

Hollenbeck, who was born in Horseheads, says the script attracted the big-name actors while he and a few others pushed to shoot the independent, low-budget film in Rochester and held up New York State’s film tax credits as an economic incentive.

“Every time coming back home and looking around and I’m like why are we not filming this?” Hollenbeck remembers.

Hollenbeck has since moved home, settling in Watkins Glen.

“I think this was a goal of mine moving back to Upstate, is to see film thrive in the region so to film in Rochester has been a treat and filming all the way over to Lyons, we’ve really covered the Finger Lakes region here,” Hollenbeck says.

Specifically, they’ve filmed in Brighton, Henrietta, Webster, Fairport, Lyons, and Gates.

In Brighton this week, the crew took over a house at times spending hours outside working in the abnormal heat.

Adding to the film’s local flavor, many members of the 50-person crew live around here and, as many know, John Lithgow was born in Rochester.

“That doesn’t usually happen so to have that little bit of trivia for the movie is always fun,” Hollenbeck says.

The last shoot is scheduled for Saturday.

The movie will likely be released this time next year, but we might have to wait until the start of 2019.




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