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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) — Rochester morning drive radio is going to sound different next month.

The voice of Steve Hausmann will be gone, no longer waking people up as they listen to WBEE.

32 years ago Steve and his wife, Julie, moved to Rochester from Boston fully expecting a return trip in a few years and yet it was at the same house they first moved into Adam Chodak talked with Steve about his half century in broadcasting and his upcoming retirement.

Adam: How did you decide this was the right time?

Hausmann: When I’m at work, I love what I do, I love communicating with the listeners, but I get up at 3:15 in the morning and for most people that’s the middle of the night and at this point in my life, I don’t want to do that anymore. Did you ever get up that early? I bet I know where you go, but I don’t get to go back to bed…

Adam: You’re from the Boston area, you moved here not with the intention of staying. When did you notice you had a bond with the community…

Hausmann: When I got here, nobody knew me from Adam. But I worked first at 98PXY, I worked with a guy in Boston named Scott Spezzano … He left Boston to come back here to his hometown… I lost my job in Boston because of a big sweeping change, you know how that goes. A station in Boston called me and said, ‘We don’t have a job in Boston, but we do have one in Rochester, NY, would you consider moving there?’ Spezzano was doing the morning show, I knew him. I talked with him, he said it was a great place, great place to raise a family, so Julie and I, my wife and I had a one-week-old son, we packed up and moved out here, into this house, thinking maybe three years, get called back out to the majors and now it’s 32 years later.

Adam: What do you think?

Hausmann: Best move I ever made. Not just for me personally, but from a career standpoint. I’ve been able to everything I’ve wanted to do in my life here in Rochester, NY.

Adam: Give me a couple examples.

Hausmann: Morning radio of course. I always wanted to be a baseball announcer. I got a chance to do Red Wings radio for a year, which is great. I had a little bit of a TV career, my first TV job was here at Channel 8, did some weekend sports, worked for 10 years in TV. I’ve done some amazing things. I’ve flown with the Blue Angels, I went to all 4 Bills Super Bowls, I’ve met a ton of unbelievable people, it’s been a total package for me, it’s been great.

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