Adam Interviews Stan Munro

Adam Interviews

Former Rochester TV reporter builds a peaceful life out of toothpicks

HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — Many of you remember Stan Munro from his days as a morning show reporter in town.

Many of you also might know he’s no longer in TV opting instead for a life filled with toothpicks.

He now lives in Syracuse crafting toothpick masterpieces.

You can see his Toothpick World this weekend at Gardenscape 2020 at the Dome Arena in Henrietta, which will be open this weekend with the organizers saying the arena is large and airy and people can make their own decision regarding the outbreak.

After Stan set up his exhibit, he talked with Adam about his post-TV career.

Adam Chodak: Let’s talk about how this happened. A lot of people are going to see this and say, “I remember him from the morning show.” Where did the transition happen?

Stan Munro: There was no transition. I went from being crazy on TV to being crazy in the real world. Once you see it and you’ve ever seen me on TV, you’d get it. Oh, yeah, I get it. He’s crazy, that’s all.

AC: Is there a disastrous experience?

SM: Everybody wants to talk about the disasters. It breaks! Everything came as pieces that I glued together and if they break then you glue the pieces back together, that’s all. I mean nothing lasts forever. That much I know pretty well.

AC: Has that always been your motto?

SM: No, not really. But you find out really quick how much other things matter compared to whether I drop some toothpicks or not. We’re all just trying to get by and do the best you can.

AC: How did you even find out this was a possibility?

SM: I still don’t know if it’s a possibility. People ask me what got me going and it was just a box of toothpicks and a bottle of glue and what kept me doing it for 16 years is a very long story and you’re not Oprah so I’m not giving you that story … You realize with all the things going on in the world, you make time for the things you love to do. I’ve been doing something called social distancing now for about 15 years, so welcome to my world, it’s really nice, I Netflix, I order out, play with my puppies and I play with toothpicks.

AC: Is there one piece that you’re more proud of than others?

SM: You know how we were talking about the right project that comes at the right time and that will take your mind off of everything, for me, that was La Sagrada Familia, it was just so big. And it was right at the time my wife needed her first transplant so we went down to the Mayo Clinic in Florida and we lived in the RV and we worked on that while we were waiting for a transplant, it’s most favorite to me because it helped me, it gave me something to do. I look at it now and I’m like I don’t even remember doing it, it was just therapeutic, a lot of it is.

AC: Given what some people might be going through any advice for them if they’re looking to take their mind off things…

SM: If there’s something you did before and you’re thinking you might want to get into it, now’s a perfect time, see if you’re still good at it as long as it’s not toothpicks because this is my thing so stay off! I highly recommend Legos, not Legos, go do your own thing.

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