Adam Interviews Pittsford Olympian

Adam Interviews
Paige Conners has a tough choice to make.
The Pittsford native has to decide whether to compete again in the Olympics after joining the Israeli figure skating team earlier this year in South Korea.
Conners started skating when she was 3 years old and jumped to an elite level in her teens.
Her family’s heritage allowed for dual citizenship which then opened the door to a spot on Israel’s Olympic team.
On a visit back to Pittsford Conners talked with Adam about her past Olympic experience and her future goals.
Adam: What are you doing these days?
Conners: Right now, I’m a student at the University of Delaware and I’m majoring in nutritional and medical sciences to hopefully be a dentist and I’m on the collegiate skating team there which is very different than what I’m used to, but it’s really fun.
Adam: So you competed in the Olympics, how was that?
Conners: Amazing. I got goosebumps when I was competing there it was so cool.
Adam: What was the atmosphere like there in South Korea?
Conners: It was like a dream. I still can’t believe it actually happened. I would walk around and people would hand me pictures of myself and ask me for my autograph which was very crazy. You’d go to the dining halls and people would be showing their Olympic gold medals to their friends which is crazy because you’re a part of it.
Adam: How was the actual performance, what did you think?
Conners: We were very happy with how we did. In the team event I got a little too excited and tripped on my footwork and I’ll never let myself live that one down. In our other performance we were so happy and we got our personal best score which was so cool.
Adam: How was it being part of the Israeli team?
Conners: It was like family. We all trained together in Hackensack, NJ so it was fun.
Adam: What about figure skating drew you to it?
Conners: I actually started when I was 3 because my brothers played hockey and I was always dragged to the rink and instead of watching the hockey games I would watch the figure skating sessions and watch the skaters and finally my mom agreed to let me figure skate.
Adam: What’s training been like?
Conners: It’s insane, it’s crazy. You need as much off ice support as you on ice support, just from people around you.
Adam: Would you do it again?
Conners: That’s what I’m trying to figure out. It was a lot of stress on my body, my mind, I don’t know. I had the opportunity to skate another four years with my partner or go to school with people my age instead of waiting another 4 years and weighing out what I really wanted in my future I chose to go to school.
Adam: Any advice for people who are shooting for something as elite as what you did?
Conners: Whatever you do, don’t give up because when I was little I used to come in last at every single competition and I would go to the awards ceremonies and cheer on my friends who actually medalled while I was in last and in the US with the qualification system, the top 4 make it and I came in 5th so many times and now I got to go to the Olympics.

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