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Jack Alloco’s big break came at a Hollywood coffee shop.
“Goldie Hawn walks in and Kate Hudson is in a stroller, that’s how old I am. And 2 twin brothers are sitting at the counter from (the show) Hee Haw,” Allocco remembers.
He let Hawn be, but did strike up a conversation with the brothers, who would remember Allocco wrote music.
He had picked up that skill at Nazareth College.
Allocco had been studying accounting at St. John Fisher College at the behest of his father, but his love of music eventually nudged him to ask a Nazareth music professor if he could take a course.
That course evolved into a second degree.
The Bishop Kearney grad took that degree and the talent behind it to L.A.
The Hee Haw connection would open the door.
For the next decade he toured the world with artists like Peter Allen and Robert Goulet.
Then came the offer that would define his career.
A friend suggested he apply for a job to write music for the show Young and the Restless.
“One thing led to another and I ended up doing the day-time shows for 30 years at CBS TV,” Allocco said.
He wrote the theme for Bold and the Beautiful while making unique sounds for countless scenes in countless episodes of both shows.
The Emmy Awards eventually started coming in.
“When people say it’s an honor to be nominated and I say, No it’s better to win,” he said. “I’ve done both.”
Allocco says composing for TV came naturally to him.
“I’ve always had a knack for understanding the dramatic intention, we’re happy, we’re sad, we’re romantic,” he said.
Throughout his rise, Allacco never forgot his Alma Mater.
“If it weren’t for Nazareth and this isn’t an exaggeration I wouldn’t have a music career, I wouldn’t, I’d be an accountant in Albany, NY or something,” he said.
Allocco recently returned to town to help celebrate the opening for Nazareth’s new Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center.

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