Towns, power companies prepare for icy weather

IRONDEQUOIT, NY (WROC) - Crews are prepping for icy weather expected this weekend across western New York.

Rain on Saturday is expected to turn to ice and sleet late Saturday into Sunday.

RG&E and National Grid both say they have extra crews ready to roll. National Grid says they're making sure fuel tanks are full and staff members are prepared.

They've called other areas for additional support. RG&E says they've been preparing for a week. A spokesperson says they held meetings Friday about the potential damage with crews. They can't say how many extra crews will be out because the number is going to depend on how bad this storm is. 

Meanwhile, the Town of Irondequoit is getting ready too. Supervisor Dave Seeley says they have extra crews schedule for this weekend and the Department of Public Works is fully stocked with salt for the roads. 

“We have plenty. We restocked our barn in February,” said Dave Seeley. “We want to remind residents not to park under limbs in the public right away, if they see a tree that's about to fail, call us and we'll try to get out as quick as possible.”

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