Will Thomson Stays Humble After Historic Accomplishment

The craziezt thing about Will Thomson becoming the youngest ever qaulifier for the U.s. Amateur is that he almost didn't try.

Will Thomson: "I wasn't even thinking about qualifying in the first place. I was almost not going to play in the qualifier itself, just because it was a bunch of golf, but..."

Will's father, Tom, helped persuade Will to enter his name in last weekend's qualifier despite a busy schedule. Now that name is going in USGA Record Books as well.

Thomson: "I'm still in shock from it. I don't think I'll ever actually comprehend what I actually did. It's just unbelievable to me."

Thomson won't turn 14 until September and won't hit 300 yard drives until sometime after that. He loves the challenge of playing above his "weight class," but has no expectations for the heavyweight battle next month in Atlanta.

Thomson: "I think I'm going to be pretty intimidated. I'm expecting the course to be really difficult, especially playing 7400 yards which is very long for me especially. I'm just trying to go out, have fun and see what happens."

Thad Brown-Reporting "Thomson has worked very hard for his success. This is a kid that, at 8 or 9 years old, would hit balls in the pouring rain. But the hardest thing about being a 13-year old prodigy is not forgetting the 13 year-old part."

Tom Thomson: "We concentrate on humility and having a good time. Tonight, he's got a sleepover with a couple of his eighth grade pals. Just being a kid and having fun and the rest takes care of itself."

Will: "Sometimes, I have to take days off to hang out with my friends. Whenever I do take a day off, I almost feel guilty about not practicing, but it's definitely important to take a rest."

And he'll need it because the amateur is the first major event Thomson has qualified for and likely not the last.

In Pittsford, Thad Brown, News 8.

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