Section V Legend Now Trains NBA's Next Stars

Tyler Relph had pro basketball dreams when he left McQuaid in 2003, but injuries derailed them.

"God had a different path," Relph says. "When I stop looking back and look forward its been awesome."

Instead, Relph trains pros. Thanks to Tyler Relph Basketball, his elite skills camp, Relph has helped produce a pair of top 10 NBA draft picks: Marcus Smart and Julius Randle.

"Words can't describe seeing them walk across that stage. When Julius said, 'I'm an LA Laker' and he grew up being a Kobe Bryant fan," Relph said. "For a kid to sit there and to look at you and go 'Man, we did it.'"

Relph moved to Dallas in 2010 to begin his camp. He says it was a grind at first, but he caught a few breaks and ended up in front of the right people. None of those breaks were bigger than that summer when he toured the country with Amare Stoudemire as the NBA stars 'on-call skills trainer.'"

"There wasn't a whole lot of people like me when I first got down there. There are players galore," Relph said. "When you get an NBA guy you get a reaction like 'Okay, this guy knows what hes talking about.''

Relph has college coaching oportunities but his current job allows more time with his 7 week old son Leo.

"I can be around him all the time. If I was a college coach, I'd never see him. I'm in a great position but there is still an itch to coach," Relph said. 

He was in town Wednesday for a 1-day camp at McQuaid. Relph tutors a couple thousand kids a summer from 3rd grade up to over 100 elite Division one college players. Now he's helping other dreams come true.

"I've been able to touch thousands and thousands of kids," Relph says. "If you can change a few, thats what its about and I couldnt ask for anything else."

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