Sabres Introduce Greece Native Brian Gionta

Brian Gionta said today that it's a dream come true to put on the Sabres jersey. Many people can say that, but few could mean that more than the 35 year old Greece resident. Going from the Montreal Canadiens who, if you remember, were just one series away from the Stanley Cup Final, to the Buffalo Sabres who, if you remember, were the worst team in the league is a big change. Gionta is excited to be home but he also says he sees something special in the direction of the Sabres.
"We're excited for the chance, myself and my family. It was a really good day for us yesterday. We like the direction that Mr. Murray is going with the team and obviously Mr. Pegula. I've been in the league a long time and I think the distraction of being close to home that maybe you might have had when you are a younger player, I think at this stage in my career, that distraction won't be there. You bring in a couple guys via free agency or trade and I think the excitement level has gotten a lot bigger. You see it, obviously in the last day and a half, guys are excited, guys want to be here and guys want to play for the Buffalo Sabres and that's the first step."
Gionta says he's picked up a lot from his 13 years in the league. He mentioned the lessons he learned in New Jersey with legends like Martin Brodeur, Scott Stevens and Joe Nieuwendyk and that he's eager to pass them along to one of the youngest teams in the league.

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