Amerks Say Goodbye To 2014-15 Season

- With non-stop turbulence at the parent-level, the 2014-15 season for the Rochester Americans will be remembered for being anything but consistent.

On Monday, the Amerks emptied their locker room as fast as a team that finished 29th in a 30-team league could.

Seemingly countless roster moves left the Amerks roster in a constant state of flux. Developing chemistry for the AHL club was going to be difficult right from the start.

"When the players tell you things like how crazy it was, coming into the locker room and not knowing 5, 7, 8 guys at a particular time, you don't think about that as a head coach," said Amerks head coach Chadd Cassidy. "You're going to have your down times [in the season] but if you have the common group, you're going to be able to build through those things and work towards getting better. That was very difficult for us this year."

Heading into the offseason, the Sabres organization is beaming with excitement thanks to landing the #2 overall pick in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, along with the budding group of young prospects. Cassidy wants to return to the Amerks next season, but will meet with Sabres general manager Tim Murry this week to discuss the future.

"I'm confident that one, we do a good job with our players. Nobody is going to work harder than we do to help them get better," said Cassidy. "We all think obviously that we're good coaches but we also know that we have to do things better and I think that's what makes us good coaches, so yeah, I'm confident in the job that we did here and certainly want to be back."

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