Awful Winter Sets Wings Back

- In December, the infield at Frontier Field had an ice rink on it. 

Since then, it's been covered in ice and snow. 

In less then two weeks, it's expected to covered by triple-A infielders. 

The sod is yet to be replaced at Frontier Field because the grass and ground has been frozen for months. The Red Wings fully expect the field to be ready for Opening Day on April 5th, but GM Dan Mason admits things have not gone as planned. 

"If we had a normal winter, the field would be sodded and everything would be ready to go," Mason said. "Because of the unusually brutal winter, it's put us behind schedule a little bit. If we get a break in the weather here, the plan is to lay the sod Thursday or Friday."

The new sod is thicker and wider, so it should take quickly and be safer for players. Rochester isn't the only baseball town dealing with Mother Nature's latest curveball. 

"It's put everybody a little bit behind. I know the Yankees and the Red Sox and the Tigers are going through the same thing right now," Mason said. "Once we lay (the sod) down, we should be fine. It's just a matter of getting it here. It should only take a day or maybe less than a day to lay it down once we get it here."

The Wings are also replacing the padding on the outfield wall for the first time since Frontier Field opened. Fans will see a brighter, cleaner green wall with some new artwork. 

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