McDermott preps for his first draft

Question remains, who gets the final say?

Orchard Park - With all the change in the Bills organization over the last few months, one thing remains the same. Who gets the final say?

First year head coach Sean McDermott is preparing for his first draft and addressed the media today and NOT general manager Doug Whaley.

While McDermott confirmed that Whaley has complete control of the 53 man roster it was unclear as to who gets the final call in the war room on draft night.

McDermott added that owner Terry Pegula will have also have a voice in the decision on picks but said that the final call will come down to Whaley and himself.

But what if they disagree? McDermott's answer seemed unclear.

"At the end of the day we agree at the end of it all. That's what we do. Iron sharpens iron at the end of the day, so we say this is how I feel, this is how you feel and we hammer it out, if it takes all day. Thats what great teams do they have healthy conversation and they continue to hammer things out because at the end of the day if you do that you come to the right decision for the football team."

The problem is the Bills wont have 'all day' to agree.

Whoever makes the final call and whenever that decision is made McDermott wants their draft pick to be like his vehicle.

"If you go out in the parking lot and look at my car and the type of car I drive I think you'll see I'm not into flash. I drive a pick up truck but I like to put armor-all on the tires every once in a while also right. We're going to pick a guy for the right seasons where there's flash on him whether there's armor-all on those tires or not is a bonus I guess," said McDermott. 


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