Commentary: Time for Ralph to Sell--NOW!


What's the breaking point for Bills fans out there?  At what point do you stop spending your hard earned money to watch a sub .500 team each and every Sunday?  When do 54,000 of you NOT go to a game, where it's cold and raining the whole time like we saw a week and a half ago against Jacksonville?

There is no fan base in the NFL, whose team last made a playoff appearance in January of 2000, a fan base that's seen some of the worst football, worst decision-making on and off the field the last 12 years, yet turns out in huge numbers week in and week out to support, often, an inferior product.  When do you, as fans, say "enough!"?

The Bills are at a real crossroads here.  You've got uncertainty about the future owner of the team, the direction it'll take or lack thereof.   There are massive stadium issues.  There are personnel concerns on the field and on the coaching staff.  

I'd like to see Ralph Wilson sell NOW.  For obvious reasons, he's detached from the day to day operations more than he's ever been--he's 94 years old!  It's ok.  Mr. Wilson's legacy is still intact.  He brought this region a piece of the greatest brand in sports, a piece of the National Football League.  But the longer he holds on, the more dysfunction that generates on One Bills Drive.  Wilson's bean counters need to come to their senses.  Talk him into selling--sooner than later.  A culture change is what's needed most and that won't happen until there's new leadership at the top!  The longer Ralph holds on, the longer that Hall of Fame legacy is tarnished.  Save it while you can.  My thoughts, what are yours?

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