Bills look ahead to playoff push

The Bills next face the Colts at Indianapolis Sunday.  Below are comments from Monday's practice beginning with head coach Chan Gailey:

Q: Updates on the injured guys?
A: (Chris) Kelsay went through individual, but did not do any team. Looked like it went well and we will find out what he can do Wednesday. It looked promising. Fred (Jackson) has not completed everything. Supposedly he will complete everything tomorrow, but everything is on track for him to be ready to go Wednesday.
Q: Is RB Fred Jackson feeling well?
A: Yes. He says he is feeling well.
Q: How about CB Aaron Williams?
A: He is still working. I doubt he makes it this week. He is still working. We have not ruled him or Mark (Anderson) out but they will have a hard time.
Q: QB/WR Brad Smith?
A: He will be fine. He just sat out today. He will be fine Wednesday, I think.
Q: DT Spencer Johnson was absent?
A: We are resting him, too. He has multiple things, just kind of beat-up. We gave him the day off, so he will be back on Wednesday.
Q: Is this practice today the bonus day of playing on a Thursday?
A: Yeah today is the extra day, which is great. They get to look at the other team. They get to talk about what we are going to do gameplan-wise. Now they can watch some film on their own and it makes sense to them. It is a real positive.
Q: Normally they do not get that till Wednesday?
A: That is correct.
Q: A practice like today--are you cleaning up Thursday's game or totally looking forward to Indianapolis?
A: Totally Indy. You are onto the next game. You talked about all that stuff last Friday and got it done. You are onto the next thing.
Q: Is there benefit to watching the game live on television?
A: I do not know. I watched the first half. That is all I watched. I guess you get a couple things here or there, but you do not really get it a lot. What the injuries were is probably the biggest thing.
Q: If you get DE Chris Kelsay back, is it harder to divide up the snaps with how DE Shawne Merriman and DE Kyle Moore played Thursday?
A: We will have to wait and see how that works. (Chris) Kelsay has been out a couple of weeks now. I do not know if we just throw him out there full boat or not. We might talk about what the best way to handle all of that will be.
Q: Is it encouraging you guys are getting bodies back instead of putting them on the injured reserve?
A: Yeah, that is always big when you can start to get healthy towards the end. That is always big. If we can continue to do that and do not lose anymore, that bodes well for us.
Q: TE Mike Caussin said he was going on injured reserve.
A: He practiced for three weeks and he never got appreciably better. He told me in his own words that he was 75 to 80-percent. That is not good enough. We were not going to release him, so we just put him on IR.
Q: What are your thoughts on a situation like that? He is someone who has been around. Is there some sympathy there?
A: Yeah. He played for us last year and showed a little promise. It is a shame all of that happened for him the way it did. Hopefully he will get better and be able to play again.
Q: When you saw FS Jairus Byrd's interception live and then on tape, what was your impression?
A: Any receiver that has ever played the game would have been proud of that catch. That was an amazing catch. The distance that he covered...You watch it on game tape, not TV, but you watch it on game tape and see when he broke--the whole play was just really amazing. It was a great play.
RB C.J. Spiller
Monday, November 19, 2012
Q: Looking at the schedule and the standings, Indianapolis is another team you guys can kind of chase down here.
A: The main thing is if we want to get to the playoffs every team that we play from here on out is going to be on course to be in the way. We just have to take it one game at a time. We know that each week is tough and it is no exception this week. In order to give yourself a chance to win, you have to have a great week of preparation. I have all the confidence in the world that our guys will have a great week this week leading up to the game.
Q: You look at your 4.1 yards per carry against Miami, which is down for you but still not a bad evening. Is it?
A: It is not, especially when those guys were only giving up 3-point-something. I knew that going into the game. Those guys those guys had not allowed a hundred yard rusher until the week before when [Titans RB] Chris Johnson did it. That speaks how great their defense was against the run. I will take the four against a great defense like that.
Q: I know you said after the game you could have carried it 30 times, do you still feel that way? How is your body feeling after that game?
A: My body feels great. I did a great job of taking care of it by getting in the cold tub, getting the massages that I need and mainly getting the proper rest I need. So the body feels great. It will be ready to go on Sunday.
WR Stevie Johnson
Monday, November 19, 2012
Q: Last week was about keeping the season alive. Is this week about taking a step forward and beating a team in front of you?
A: Yeah, it is all the same. Last week it was keeping the season alive and it is the same thing. If we win, we know we still have hope of the playoffs. That is pretty much what we are thinking about.
Q: You guys realize it is a chance to beat a team directly in front of you who is also contending for a Wild Card spot?
A: Exactly. Every team we play in our division or in our conference we know is basically a must win. We cannot lose these games. These are very important games to us. This game against the Colts is one of the biggest right now. I do not know what their record is like--6-4 or something like that. We are basically playing for the spot in the playoffs right now if the playoffs were to start.
Q: Coming off of Thursday, I am sure there are things in the offense you would like to improve.
A: Yeah, basically just scoring touchdowns. That is the main thing I think we came out of that game thinking about. We did not score any touchdowns. We won the game, which was great. Our offense did not score touchdowns. We know if we want to get to the playoffs, we have to score touchdowns in the red zone.
DT Kyle Williams
Monday, November 19, 2012
Q: Is it nice to have almost a second bye week as you get ready for this game coming up?
A: It is. It is good for us. I think the later you get in the year those Thursday night games are tougher to get ready for physically. It is more mental preparation. Having the weekend off and getting back to work today, give us a chance to get our legs back under us. It will be good.
Q: Did you get a chance to see some of the Colts game against New England?
A: I saw it with maybe four minutes left. I did not see (the whole game). I watched it on film this morning, but I did not see it on TV till the very end of the game.
Q: They are a team that can move the football but we also saw yesterday that you can force them into some turnovers too.
A: Yeah, I think the one thing we talked about is the big thing is they hang their hat on is their run game and their play action game. So we have to play good run defense and put them in positions where we know what they are going to do. Try to get them one-dimensional and make them throw the ball.
DE Chris Kelsay
Monday, November 19, 2012
Q: The weekend off had to of been a step forward for your health, right?
A: Yeah, I am feeling a lot better. The weekend and this past week I have seen significant progress. Looking forward to getting back out there.
Q: What did you have in particular? Can you say?
A: Torn ligament in my neck, just kind of a freak deal that happened at practice. There is no real rhyme or reason, just turned funny and strained it. It is what it is and I have rested it. Feel a lot better than what I had been feeling. Like I said, look forward to getting back out there and helping my teammates get on this run.
Q: Was it a non-contact injury? It was early in practice.
A: Yeah. I did it on the sled. Just pushing the sled and felt a pop and that is what it ended up being.
Q: What is your week going to be like? Will you go out there today or wait till Wednesday?
A: I am going to go out there today and do some individual. Start moving around and then Wednesday, depending on how it is feeling today which I am expecting it to feel great, I will be practicing.
CB/KR Leodis McKelvin
Monday, November 19, 2012
Q: With the extra time this week, what would you say you guys are spending time doing? Working on your game or preparing for the opponent?
A: It is both. Actually it is both of them because we have to work on ourselves and getting better for what we have coming into this game. Pretty much we have to worry about ourselves. If we pretty much do what we have to do on defense everything else will come into place.
Q: What have you seen from watching Indianapolis QB Andrew Luck?
A: He is going to come out you with all types of throws. He is going to try to push the ball downfield. That is the most important thing he really does. Even if the guy might be covered or not he is going to still give his receivers the chance to make catches downfield. He throws the ball well on short routes and he is able to move out of the pocket. That is his best asset, getting on the outside and making the throws.
Q: Do you see opportunities to get the turnover against him? He threw three interceptions last night.
A: Yeah, if you put pressure on him with the d-line and things like that, he shows he can throw interceptions and things like that. You have to be ready to push the pocket from the inside and keep him contained inside the pocket. Make him make bad throws.
LB Kelvin Sheppard
Monday, November 19, 2012
Q: Last week the team talked about keeping the season alive, is this week more about taking a step forward?
A: Yeah, definitely and showing that we can build on what we did on Thursday night. It was not just a spur of the moment deal. It was what we have been expecting all year.
Q: Is that as much as anything just building consistency?
A: Right. Show that we can build on what happened and it was not a spur thing or a splash and it is gone. It is a consistent thing and we can do it on a consistent basis.
Q: What do you think about facing a quarterback like Colts QB Andrew Luck?
A: The only thing rookie about him is that he was drafted last year. Beyond that he is probably one of the better quarterbacks in the league right now.

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