Murray Says Sabres Will Try To Trade Miller

- The Ryan Miller era in Buffalo may soon be over. 

Sabres general manager Tim Murray said before Buffalo's 3-2 win over Carolina Tuesday night that the team will seek a trade for Miller. Murray says the goal is to make a "proper trade" that sends Miller to a contender. 

“The route that we’re looking at is to get value for him, to put him in a position to succeed,” said Murray. 

When asked whether he would consider trying to sign Miller to a long-term contract instead, Murray said “I don’t think signing here is his first choice at his age, where we’re at, we’re the 30th place team. But I wouldn’t say he has no interest.”

Murray said he’s spoken with “more than two” teams about Miller. In all, he’s talked with 7-8 general managers about 10-12 players, with nothing specific being tossed around just yet.

In any deal, Murray says he would prefer to get prospects in return, but would take draft picks if necessary. 

Murray also said the team is considering taking the interim tag off coach Ted Nolan's title and signing him to a long term contract. "We're along that path," Murray said. 

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