Is Boeheim Foolishness On Refs To Shield Team?

- Jim Boeheim was embroiled in another controversial discussion of officiating again after Syracuse beat Maryland. 

Terps coach Mark Turgeon was doing the complaining. When asked about Turgeon's comments, Boeheim pointed out Maryland might not have needed breaks from the refs is they didn't commit 18 turnovers. 

Thad Brown is wondering how Boeheim can complain about the refs when his team loses and then 48 hours later, complain about the other team complaining when Syracuse wins. Is the idiocy a tactic? Is Boeheim trying to divert attention from his struggling team?

Thad and Prescott Rossi discuss that and the state of the Orange which is still pretty good, despite losses in two of their last three. There is a big game looming Saturday at Virginia. 

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