McQuaid Rows Entire Erie Canal For Charity

- For the third straight year, the McQuaid crew team arrived in Albany exhausted but successful. 

The team rowed the entire length of the Erie Canal, from Buffalo to Albany, to raise money in the fight against cancer. This year, the total topped 35-thousand dollars and will go to the American Cancer Society. 

"Row for Hope" began in at the University of Buffalo boathouse on June 23rd. The team rides 40-50 miles per day to cover the 363 mile distance in eight days. 

Evan Manfreda, Cameron Pizzo, Stephen Gearinger, Nick Campenella, James Boyle, Daniel Hasset, John O'Leary AND coxswain Jack Mancini were among the rowers this year. Only four can row at a time, so they swap out two rowers every four hours. 

Why do it? The answer is simple. 

"Every family I feel has been affected with cancer in some way," said McQuaid grad Stephen Gearinger. "I've had family members face cancer. Just doing it for them."

"To help people who really need it more than I do," said McQuaid senior Evan Manfreda. "Rowing doesn't compare to some of the stuff that cancer patients have to go through. Just want to give what I can with what I can."

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