Gavin Hall Back From UCLA, Looking Forward

Gavin Hall is back.

He went to UCLA in January on a golf scholarship, but needed only four weeks to realize it was the wrong decision.

"It was about me, as an athlete, not feeling comfortable," Hall said.

Hall graduated from Pittsford Mendon in December to get a jump start on his college career. That decision will pay off again, allowing Hall to change course. He'll visit the other schools that recruited him last year--including Stanford, Alabama and Oklahoma State--in April.

The pressure to make a decision is minimal. He could wait until August before deciding.

"I know exactly the questions to ask of the coaches," Hall said. "I know exactly what I'm looking for. When I make my visits next month, I'll realize what's a good fit and what's not a good fit and where I could see myself playing the next four years."

This will be a step back for Hall in the progress of his college career. However, he thinks the maturity and experience gained after living the college life ten weeks at UCLA will still put him ahead of other freshmen next fall.

"I know there's no way to the perfect road for where you want to go," Hall said. "Dealing with adversity early is almost a better thing because either way, you're going to get it in your life."

Hall says he appreciates things more after returning home. He's living with his parents and may attend the Mendon Senior Ball. For now, college can wait.

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