Boeheim Embarrassed 'Cuse

- The way Jim Boeheim handled the questionable charge call on C.J. Fair at the end of Syracuse's loss to Duke Saturday night was an embarrassment. 

That's the way Thad Brown and Prescott Rossi see it after some hours to reflect. It was the first time that Boeheim had been ejected from a game that mattered. He's normally a fairly controlled coach, but that does not excuse the way he acted at Cameron Indoor. If he was trying to send a statement that Syracuse won't be pushed around at Duke or simply sticking up for his players when Boeheim felt they were getting unfair treatment, it does not condone acting like a juvenile at midcourt. 

The larger problem for Syracuse is a two-game losing streak and an offense that continues to struggle. Does it affect SU's long term outlook? Thad and Prescott debate that question and more as they discuss the Orange between shows. 

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