Williams Says He Needs To Grow Up

- The first off the field transgression for Mike Williams was an academic suspension at Syracuse. Academics won't be a problem with the Bills and that's one reason why Doug Marrone signed off on the trade. 

"(Marrone) said to me the other day if it was in school... if it was in college, he wouldn't have picked up Mike Williams. But, now that we don't got school, that's his first pick... to pick up Mike Williams," Williams said. 

Williams played one season under Marrone, but left with four games to play. It's unclear whether he quit or was kicked off the team. 

"Coach Marrone said to me the past is the past," Williams said. "He said it was his first year coaching. He made mistakes. I made mistakes. Situations weren't handled how they were supposed to be handled, but the past is the past. We kinda looking forward."

Since college, Williams has been charged with criminal mischief and trespass, he paid tens of thousands in damages after a slew of wild parties and last month was stabbed in the leg by his brother. There are more incidents, but Williams says two things were made up. He would not specify which two. 

Williams has a one year-old son living in Buffalo. "I do have to grow up a little bit more," Williams said. "I think with me having a son, I think it'll make me realize things a little bit more and how important it is, what type of future I have for him and for my family. A lot of people are depending on me."

Not only is this a clean slate for Williams, but he's coming to his hometown and playing for the team he rooted for as a kid. 

"It's like living a dream all over again. It's like being drafted over again," Williams said. "I get to come back and play in front of the people I know. The people that know me and where I came from."

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