Spiller Meets Local Fans At Eastview Mall

- The line for C.J. Spiller nearly went from the center of Eastview Mall all the way to the door. 

Hundreds of Bills fans waited in line (some for over an hour) to get Spiller's autograph in Victor Tuesday night. 

The Bills report to camp in less than a month. Buffalo will have the longest season in the NFL this year. They and the Giants each get an extra week of training camp because they are the teams for this year's Hall of Fame exhibition. It means both teams have an extra week of preseason. The Giants will report to camp July 21st and the Bills on July 18th. The rest of the league will report sometime late the following week. 

It means the Bills will have be a bit more careful preventing ware and tear on the body, especially for a guy like Spiller, who is coming off an injury plagued season. 

"You have to do a great job of monitoring that stuff. Knowing when to push it and when to scale back because, at the end of the day, it is a long season," Spiller said. "You want to make sure that you're fresh the whole year. That's the biggest thing for me especially coming off an ankle injury. I've got to make sure that come September, I'm ready to roll against the Bears."

It's a contract year for Spiller. His original 5-year deal signed as a rookie in 2010 will expire at the end of the 2014 season. Spiller has proved explosive, but not the most dependable. 

"I have nothing to prove. The only thing I have to prove is to my family. They are the guys that are going to be with me through the thick and the thin," Spiller said. "I think I've got a pretty good resume in this league. Everybody knows what I'm capable of doing. I'm not even sweating the contract. That's going to take care of itself with my play. I'll let both parties (Bills and his agent) handle that and hopefully we'll get something done." 

If Spiller is ever to sign another contract with the Bills, he got plenty of practice Tuesday night. Fans began lining up for his autograph as early as 10am at Eastview Mall. Spiller does plenty of events like this all year, but still makes sure to enjoy it. 

"Every opportunity is a great time. You don't take nothing for granted because one day it is going to end," Spiller said. "I hope the fans enjoy it as well because it's all about them. They're the ones showing up on Sunday trying to help us win games."

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