Jim Kelly Serves as Honorary Captain for Bills Coin Toss

John Kucko/Reporting: "Just a couple months ago, Jim Kelly lay in a hospital bed, uncertain of his future. The fact that he made it here to be part of the coin toss is something he will never forget."

Jim Kelly/Hall of Fame Class of 2002: "That was awesome. Anytime you are picked to do that with Harry Carson, another Hall of Famer. It's awesome."

"Considering what you've been through the last several months, and to be here now and to feel the love from the fans, the players, tell me about that."

"It's really hard to explain because the feelings you go through because there are so many memories of great times in Buffalo and then of course having Andre go in is something that is really hard to describe, but I'm just glad I'm here."

"Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?"

"Jim Kelly and his family await medical results and hope they get a clean bill of health later this month. Being here tonight was victory enough, at least for now. In Canton, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I'm John Kucko."

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