Bills Legends Congratulate Andre Reed on Hall of Fame Induction

John Kucko/Reporting: "They say good things are worth waiting for. For Bills all-time leading receiver, Andre Reed saw Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and his head coach Marv Levy all get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Well, this summer it is Andre Reed's turn. He'll be part of a stellar class here tomorrow night."

Andre Reed/Hall of Fame Class of 2014: "Almost a million kids that play football every year all the way from Pop Warner to the NFL and if you look at the 95 years of the league, 25,000-30,000 head into the league, only 287 get a jacket, a bust, and a ring and get to sit in that room that I sat in earlier. It's pretty overwhelming."

Thurman Thomas/Hall of Fame Class of 2007: "Deacon Jones told me "Ya know, it doesn't matter if you go in on the 1st time, the 2nd time, or the 3rd time. It's when you get in that you should enjoy the moment and I've always relayed that to Andre every year. This was the year that he finally made it."

Andre Reed was part of a unique cast of characters. A Hall of Famer laden team that did something no team has ever done: four straight Super Bowl appearances.

"Buffalo is lucky. It could have been in any city but Buffalo, New York is where it happened. If you missed it, you missed some good stuff. If you happened to be growing up during those years, you witnessed greatness."

Bruce Smith/Hall of Fame Class of 2009: "A lot of that stemmed from Ralph Wilson and his mindset to make a conscious effort to go out and get players that were driven from within that had that desire for greatness."

Marv Levy/Hall of Fame Class of 2001: "Not ust a great football player, a great team player, a great family guy. He represents everything that the game should represent, but his football talent, fantastic. Everybody in Buffalo, and that includes me, was thrilled."

"When they announced it, 30 years, it took half a second. In that half a second, you thought about all the people that were on that journey for 30 years. Your coaches, your family, your teammates, your friends who were my teammates. You think about all those people and what they meant to you because you didn't get here by yourself. That's for sure."

Andre has invited some 300 family and friends to the ceremony tomorrow night which will get underway at 7PM. Don't forget that the Bills play in the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night against the New York Giants. In Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I'm John Kucko."

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