Bills Fan Pays Tribute to Ralph Wilson with Tattoo

- Jack Meredith of Seneca Falls knew he had to do something after Ralph Wilson passed away in March.

So he got a tattoo of the Bills Hall of Fame owner.

"I wanted to do something that nobody else would do," says Meredith. "It's very important to me that people understand that Ralph Wilson is the reason that the Bills are in Buffalo. He's an amazing guy. He's done a lot for the fan base."

For Meredith, the Bills run deeper than the ink on his right arm. The 32-year old has owned season tickets at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the last seven seasons and has been a fan since he was a kid growing up in Naples, NY. The idea for a tattoo came while reading Bills websites in the wake of Wilson's passing.

Meredith remembers the moment when he made up his mind. "I was sitting on Facebook and I said 'I need to do something to pay tribute to this man.'"

The tattoo was inked on Saturday and took five hours to complete. A member of the Bills fan group Bills Mafia, Meredith posted a photo of the finished tattoo on Twitter and the reaction on social media took off like wildfire.

"Everybody started retweeting it," adds Meredith. "The first big one was from Aaron Williams, the Bills safety. Then Terrell Owens retweeted it, then Thurman Thomas retweeted it. Most people love it, some people think I'm nuts."

Meredith's family supports Jack's new ink and he has plans to add tattoos of the other Bills Hall of Famers in the coming months. 

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