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Hard to believe the kids will be back in school in just a few weeks and there is a lot that goes into preparing for a new school year. Ali Touhey has more in today's Roc Well Report."Knocks, all set Jordan? " Jordan Miller's about to enter the 10th grade at Elba Senior High School and his mom Tricia is making sure he's prepared starting with a physical by his doctor. "It's just somebody looking at it and making sure we're doing a okay." it's a good idea according to doctor Tracey Henderson. "Things are going ok?" Henderson's a pediatrician at bay creek pediatrics on Empire Boulevard in Penfield. Her office is getting flooded with physicals. "It'll get pretty busy this time of year with well child visit." "Not all schools require a physical at the beginning of the school year. However, Henderson says one a year is a good idea." "Obviously if there's problems, we can address them but we really want to talk about nutrition, exercise, sleep, how things are going at home, how things are going at school, that type of stuff. " Henderson wants parents to be aware of certain things with the new school year right around the corner. Mainly making sure immunizations are up to date. Meeting any requirements like paper work or a physical for sports and extra curricular activities checking with your school nurse if your child takes any regular medications and always talking to your physician about any concerns. "It's important throughout the school year for parents to stay in touch with their child and with their pediatrician so that if any issues do come up throughout the school year, they can be addressed." "He's going into a world that I'm not going to be able to support him every minute. So, coming and getting a physical just makes sure that we're all on the same page and he's going and doing the right thing." With this Roc well Report, I'm Ali Touhey. 3

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