Less Stressful Dinnertime

If you have children...you can probably relate to Colleen Law.  Dinner time can be a hectic time.


"Our family dinner routine kind of depends on the day of the week."


She and her husband Bryan have two daughters--five year old Madilyn and three year old Isobel.  The Law's have dinner together 4 to 5 times a week.  And keeping Madilyn and Isobel's attention during dinner isn't always easy.


"Usually we try and sit down together. I'll admit that when I'm home with the two of them, sometimes I let them eat first, get everything done, and then I'll sit down and eat."


No matter your busy schedule-- Donna Quinzi suggests making time for dinner time as a family.  Quinzi is a registered dietician for UR Medicine.


"Nowadays it's really hard for families to get together to have family meals. As a pediatric dietician, that's one of things we promote all the time is having a family meal."


Quinzi says engaging your kids and spending quality time together is important, especially at a young age.  And keep the conversation positive if you can.


"It's not the time to confront your teenager or your child with something really negative like, you didn't do something, and just really make the moment special. Because there are so few times that we can gather as families."


Something this mom of two knows all too well. So, like Quinzi suggests, Colleen doesn't force her daughters to eat all their food. Instead she tries to make dinner time enjoyable for them.  And has even started allowing them to help out here and there when they prepare the food. 

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