YouTube's New Setting Helps Keep Site Kid-Safe

 Videos of underage drinking, blood-and-guts violence and pornography are not allowed on YouTube.  However, not everything here is rated PG.  Now it's easier for parents to make YouTube kid-safe.

Parents complained and now YouTube is adding new parental controls.  If you sign into your YouTube account, at the bottom of the page, it will say Safety Mode is off.  Click it to turn it on.

Videos YouTube finds inappropriate are gone when you try to search.  Type in "naked" and nothing comes up.  Safety Mode also affects video comments.  Now you have to physically click on "text comments" to read them and foul language is replaced by asterisks.

The monitors at YouTube are vigilant but they might not catch every family-unfriendly clip or comment.  YouTube's head of child safety policy Scott Rubin says, "It's a formidable job.  With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we really count on our community members (those hundreds of millions of people I mentioned) to know our community guidelines, those rules of the road and to flag videos they think violate the rules."

That's why it's important to be proactive about what your child is doing on the web.

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