Yoga in the Classroom!

We're moving through the Fall fairly quickly and soon the snow will be flying. But teachers and parents want their kids to stay active, and thats exactly what they're doing at School #12, with yoga in the classroom.

Teaming up with Blue Lotus Yoga, teachers at School 12 were taught some basics of yoga to incorporate into the classroom. Aside from fitness, these moves are grouped together to help kids focus, release energy, or even relax.

"It depends on the children, we try to do it at least one time a day, if its a rough day maybe 3-4 times, it depends on the needs of the kids," says Pavit Kohli, a kindergarten teacher.

Even though there's a purpose to these moves, the kids have a ton of fun in the process, with moves like "pedal laughing" and "hot air balloon" triggering a wave of giggling.

Yoga was chosen because it incorporates so many critical skills that young children should learn.

"You need to have strength, awareness, focus, which are great skills to develop in young children, and it's also the whole physical component. We want to get them moving," said Kohli.

It seems to me like this is a lesson well-received.

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