Woman Critically Hurt in Robbery

A Rochester woman was stabbed 17 times during a robbery on Tuesday evening. 

Sharlena Martiniez, 46, was returning to her home on Emerson Street with her young grandchild when a man attacked her and stole her purse.

Her son, Tyshon, 18, was inside watching TV when he heard his mother's screams.

"I heard, 'Stop trying to take my purse from me!' and it was my mom's voice," said Tyshon. "So I ran downstairs, grabbed a shovel and opened the door and it was this guy trying to snatch her purse from her. I ran out trying to chase after him, but I fell. So I just started focusing on my mom. It was a lot of blood on the ground."

Martinez had surgery Wednesday. She remains in the intensive care unit in guarded condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.

"My daughter was brutally attacked and was no call for it," said Katrina Martinez. "Robbed on her own porch  going into her house. I've been devastated. She has multiple injuries and she's going to have a long hard road to recovery."

When relatives visited Martinez, she was not worried about herself. She was worried about Tyshon.

"She just kept saying to me, 'Aunt Janice, I just want Tyshon to start school. He's supposed to start school next week and I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm in here,'" said Janice Duval.

Tyshon, who just graduated from All City High School as salutatorian, is slated to enroll as a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology. Tyshon relied on his mother to coordinate everything, including financial aid.  The $500 in the purse that was stolen was supposed to go to help Tyshon.

"She was going to buy me more stuff so I could go to college and be all set," Tyshon said. "It's all gone now."

"My daughter means so well and she tries so hard to help people and for someone to attack her like that, it's just thrown our world apart," said Katrina Martinez.

Update: A Rochester City School District guidance counselor has set up a fund for the family.

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